Restaurant Nuuksion Tupa

Inspired by pure nature, our kitchen offers food to gourmet lovers. We prefer clean domestic raw materials and utilize for instance harvested mushrooms and berries from nearby forests. Our bread table smells of oven-fresh baked goods from a local bakery. Whenever possible, we use local and organic food to prepare our food.

 Hotel Nuuksio has a restaurant, a lobby bar and a terrace in summer. In addition, the hotel has several rooms from meeting spaces to a ballroom and from a hut to a beach cabin with a beach sauna, where it is possible to order various menu options. you can also order different snack packages for hiking trips.

Nuuksio Tupa's food services offer a suitable option for everyone, but the ready-made menus can of course be modified according to the customer's needs.

Breakfast is always included in the room rate, other meals are covered by prior arrangements with Nuuksio Tupa. In addition to drinks, you can also order a small snack at the lobby bar.

On weekends, you can take a half-day break from everyday life and start the day with a generous hotel breakfast, after which you can go hiking in the beautiful and diverse National Park of Nuuksio.

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